Rockets vs Celtics

Rockets WIN

The Houston Rockets WIN against The Boston Celtics on March 4, 2019. Once they Got a Lead – They Kept it.

First Quarter


Hardin’s on Court Presence was Visible in The First Quarter.

HighLights were a Couple of PickPockets off The Dribble to Score by The Rockets.

The Rockets had a 10 Point Lead at The End of The Quarter.

Second Quarter

In The Second Quarter The Rest of The Team Took Over from 3 Point Land with Eric Gordon ( The Shortest Man on Court ) Taking a Major Role.

Rockets Ended The Quarter with a 24 Point Lead.

Third Quarter

The Third Quarter was a Seesaw Back and Forth with The Score Difference Remaining The Same.

Fourth Quarter

The Celtics Played Better in The last Quarter to Get within 10 Points.

Highlights were a 3 Point Miss by Chris Paul – Rebound and Kick Back Out to Paul – Set for a Shot Then Side Step 3 Pointer.


A Dribble Magic Step Back 3 Pointer by James hardin with Kyrie Irving all over Him in Defense.


The Houston Rockets are Looking Good Nearing The Playoffs with a Six Game Winning Streak under Their Belts.

The Boston Celtics maybe Need another Key Player to Help Kyrie Irving and Co Develop into a Serious Contender?

All The Best to Both Teams.


2 Replies to “Rockets vs Celtics”

  1. Great info.
    if Houston Rockets keeps playing well and improve their tactics, they are possibly going to have many chances to defeat the rest of their opponents.

    By the way, I like the colour of the shoe. Is that Nike Air Jordan shoe? It looks great.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes Stephen – They are a Great Possibility of Going to The Finals 🙂


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