Lakers Post Season Analysis

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The Lakers have Failed to Make The PlayOffs in Lebron’s First Season. With Injuries and Player Trades Hampering The Team, they Did Not have The Player Depth to Cope with The Demands of The Season.


The WINS were Mostly Against Low to Middle Placed  Opposition where The Team Seemed to Be Turning The Corner. With Lebron and Rondo injured, The Lakers Struggled. When James and Rajon Returned to The Team – The WINS were Exciting as James Looked to Take Control of The Games. Lebron’s Age seems to be a Factor as Well, he Never Showed Signs of Completely Dominating a Game.


The Team Lacked Offense and Defense – When Lebron was Off. This was Compounded by The Trades of Julius Randle and Brook Lopez who are Both having Stellar Seasons for their New Teams. While The Offense was Non Existent their Defense Never Got To The Level Needed to Make The PlayOffs. Also The Team Seemed to be Stacked with Tall Players which helped in Rebounds but Hampered their Defensive Efforts.


To Be Future Title Contenders James Needs at Least 2 more Players who can Dominate Offensively – with a Team that can also Share The Offense Around.

The Lakers also Need to take their individual and Collective Defense Up Several Notches to Worry Other Teams.

This Off- Season Trades will Show if that can Become a Reality.


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