Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are The Front Runners Again, 33-14.

With Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson Lighting Up The 3 Point Line.


Kevin Durant adding his High Quality Offense.

It Seeems They are Still Finding their Way Tho, which is a Dangerous Proposition for Other Teams.

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Denver Nuggets

The Surpise Package is The Denver Nuggets, who are Second in The Standings, 31-14.

Jamal Murray is The Teams Star.


Nikolai Jokic is a Dominating Center.

Will they Be able to Continue their Momentum thru to The Finals?

Houston Rockets

Last Years Western Conference Finalists The Houston Rockets are 5th in The Standings 26-20.

James Harden’s Output is Unbelievably High.

Does he have Consistent Support from The Rest of The Team?


Can they Back Up last Years Effort?

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are in 9th, 25-20.

With Lebron James and Rajon Rondo Injured the Lakers are Rallying and Proving that Their Tall LineUp can WIN.

This is Good because Lebron must be able to Trust that his Team can Also Score Offensively instead of relying on Him to Always Do Win The Game.

Look for The Lakers to be in Playoff Contention when Lebron and Rondo are Deemed Fit to Play.


The Western Conference is Strong Across The Board, this Year.

The Warriors seem Ready for another Assault on The Finals.

Watch Out for an Improving Lakers as Well.

The Next 4 Months Leading to The Finals will be Interesting.

Keep Watching this Space for Weekly Updates.



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