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Welcome to NBA Western Conference Updates, as We CountDown to each  Season’s Final.

Coaching has been a Passion of Mine since I was 10yrs Old.

So, I offer inSights that Delve into Strategic, Team, Coaching and Organizational Dynamics.


My Love for The Western Conference began in the 1970’s, when my GrandDad gave Me some American Sport  Teams T-Shirts for Xmas.

Then The Lakers with Magic – Kareem and Worthy had a Great Rivalry with the celtics in The 80’s.

Ever Since Then – I have Supported The Western Conference thru Thick and Thin.

Western Conference Champions.

A BreakDown of The NBA Champions from The Western Conference.

1948 = Baltimore Bullets

1949,50,52,53,54 = Minneapolis Lakers

1951 = Rochester Royals

1958 = St Louis Hawks

1971 = Milwaukee Bucks

1972,80,82,85,87,88,2000,01,02,09,10 = Los Angeles Lakers

1975, 2015,17,18 = Golden State Warriors

1977 = Portland Trailblazers

1979 = Seattle Supersonics

1994,95 = Houston Rockets

1999,2003,05,07,14 = San Antonio Spurs

2011 = Dallas Mavericks

Fast Break Pioneers.

Celebrating ALL that is Western Conference.

Evolving The Game Continuously.

If you have any inSights or issues, Feel Free to Share Below and I will be more than Happy to Converse.

All the best,


Your Favorite Conference.
Western Conference

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  1. Mike Adkins

    Great information, nicely laid out.

    1. admin

      Thankyou Mike 🙂


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